The Four Dozen Makes Its Return at Spirit Speedway this Friday Night

Date: 8/7/2018 7:55:15 PM

The Four Dozen Makes Its Return at Spirit Speedway this Friday Night

Both 600 & 270 Drivers Have Opportunity for $1,000 Payday!


Bridgeport, NJ – Spirit Speedway will host a special ‘Four Dozen’ racing program this Friday evening for their weekly Micro Sprint racing divisions.  The ‘Ace Overhead Door’ wingless 600s and ‘Ace Overhead Door’ winged 270s will battle it out in four 12-lap feature events on Friday, August 10.  The 600s and 270s will each compete in two 12-lap main events after their qualifying races.

“Bridgeport’s 5/8 used to have an annual 4 Dozen show for the modifieds back I the 80s and 90s which was pretty unique in itself,” pronounced general manager Danny Serrano.  “This version is a little different and more driver friendly however.  Each division will run twin-12s rather one division racing in all four.  The purse will be a lot friendlier too, as we came up with a full purse that is certainly fair for an extra “4” laps,” Serrano explained. 

Each 12-lap A-main will see the victor earn $350 for a mere 12 laps.  Precision Hydraulic has been sponsoring the ‘Lucky 13 Challenge’ all year long, has sponsored heat race winner bonuses and has now gotten involved in the ‘Four Dozen’.  If a driver sweeps their respective division feature events, Precision Hydraulic will add $300 to their winnings!  “I’ve enjoyed all my visits down to Spirit this season and I like being involved with the Friday night guys.  These guys are racers just like the 5/8 mile guys and I’m glad to help out in any way that I can,” offered Joe Infante of Precision. 

Will there be a first time winner or will a driver take home a cool $1,000 for their efforts?  Joining the ‘Ace Overhead Door’ micro sprints will be the ReMax 600 Novice division and the Tobias Slingshots.  Gates open at 5:30 while racing begins at 8pm.  Pit admission will be $35 while general admission is $15.  Children 9 and under are FREE.  For more information you can visit or follow them on Facebook.  You can also reach the track at 856-467-4408.

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