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Just like they did back in October with the running of the second annual Skyscraper event, Matt Smith and Jacob Hendershot came away with the big wins in the season finale at the Spirit Speedway, winning the Ace Overhead Door 600 Micro Sprint and 270 Micro Sprint feature events, respectively.  

Smith wasted little time in moving from his third place starting spot to grab the lead in the forty lap Bill Thomas Memorial race. Smith had the lead by the time the field raced down the backstretch for the first time. 
Smith first led fellow Delaware competitor, Luke Thomas before Whitey Kidd bested Thomas for second before ten laps could be completed.  The top three remained Smith, Kidd and Thomas through the half way mark.  Kidd was closing in on the leader before the caution waved on lap twenty-one.  Thomas regained the runner-up spot on that restart as both Thomas and Tyler DeVault raced past Kidd for position.

Smith raced through lapped traffic without any issues as he raced to his sixth win of the 2018 season.  Thomas finished second in front of DeVault who overcame damage received in a heat race incident.  Kidd finished fourth with Gary Bozowski completing the top five.  Tommy Kunsman, 2018 600 Champion, Mike Rutherford, Wayne Scott, PJ Williams and Kyle Spence raced to the checkered in sixth through tenth.

Smith's win gave him a second Ace and his first Poker Series title for the Ace Overhead Door 600 Micros.    

Like Smith, Jacob Hendershot duplicated his winning ways from the Skyscraper event in the Bill Thomas Memorial.  After breaking the track record during the running of the Skyscraper, Hendershot sold his car.  Glenn Macomber gave Hendershot the seat in his No. 2 for this weekend's Bill Thomas Memorial and Hendershot again drove to victory.  "It's only a car," the young driver explained.

Lee Reinhardt led all but the final two laps from his pole position start as Hendershot made his way through the field from ninth.  Pat Bealer was an early race challenger but was sidelined by mechanical woes.  Nick Skias raced in second until Hendershot took the runner-up spot just before the half way mark.  Hendershot challenged Reinhardt for the lead in the closing laps, finally gaining the lead with just two laps to go.

Hendershot took the win over Reinhardt, 2018  Co-Champion, Alex Swift, Skias and Shea Wills.  Tom Landwehr, Brandon Krock, Bill Thomas (racing in honor of his father), Chris Locuson and Tommy Kunsman completed the top ten in the running order.

Jared Silfee continued his winning ways as he picked up his third win in the Championship Energy Action Track Poker Series for the Slingshots.  It was Silfee's third win of the season, giving him three Aces and a Queen for this 2018 Poker Series hand.  Silfee had only one win at Spirit prior to this season.  Trailing Silfee in his thirty lap King of the Sling win was Brett Bieber who made a last lap challenge on the final caution.  Anthony "Peanutbutter" Raisner finished third with Chris Gall taking fourth.

Joe Garey Jr. took the lead from his father, Joe Garey, Sr. and went on to collect the win in the 4 Cylinder Enduro feature.  Ian Ashford finished second to Garey, Jr. with Garey, Sr. finishing third.

Lee Allen set a new one lap record for the 8 Cylincer Enduro cars on his way to a green flag to checkered victory over Chris Allen, Sr. , Brandon Guyer, Travis Guyer and Gary Landis.

Richie Hitzler picked up the win in the Xcel 600 Modified feature over Joe Plunkett.

ACE OVERHEAD DOORS 600CC MICRO SPRINTS (40 laps): 1. Matt Smith, 2. Luke Thomas, 3. Tyler DeVault, 4. Whitey Kidd III, 5. Gary Bozowski, 6. Tommy Kunsman, 7. Mike Rutherford, 8. Wayne Scott, 9. P.J. Williams, 10. Kyle Spence, 11. Bobby Butler, 12. John Barnett, 13. Nick Sapp, 14. Tim Buckwalter, 15. Sam LaMothe, 16. Joe Dopke, 17. Brandon Pavel, 18. Jermain Godshall, 19. Mark Landwher, 20. Richie Keller, 21. Aiden Borden, 22. Chris Locuson, 23. Kyle Lick, 24. Colin Bustard, 25. Tyler Lindsay, 26. Brett Altemose, DNQ Morgan Rochelle, Nick Havens, Dave Carlberg, Luke Schostkewitz, Dom Hinrichsen, Justin Moench, Fred Heinly.



ACE OVERHEAD DOORS 270CC MICRO SPRINTS (30 laps): 1. Jacob Hendershot, 2. Lee Reinhardt, 3. Alex Swift, 4. Nick Skias, 5. Shea Wills, 6. Tom Landwher, 7. Brandon Krock, 8. Bill Thomas, 9. Chris Locuson, 10. Tommy Kunsman, 11. Nick Walton, 12. Kyle Weiss, 13. Ron Ford, 14. Steve Coslop, 15. Pat Bealer, 16. John Wagner, Jr., 17 Tyler Grau, 18. Rich Keller, 19. Glenn Macomber



CHAMPIONSHIP ENERGY ACTION TRACK USA SLINGSHOTS (30 laps): 1. Jared Silfee, 2. Brett Bieber, 3. Anthony Raisner, 4. Chris Gall, 5. Amanda Angsta, 6. Shawn Mowery, 8. Thomas Mowery, 9. Dylan Hoch, 10. Danny Buccafusca, 11. Ashley Therien, 12. Dave Morrell


EIGHT CYLINDER ENDUROS (25 laps): 1. Lee Allen, 2. Christopher Allen, Sr., 3. Brandon Guyer, 4. Travis Guyer, 5. Gary Landis, 6. John Parker, 7. Kevin Flores


i2m FOUR CYLINDER ENDUROS (15 laps): 1. Joe Garey, Jr., 2. Ian Ashford, 3. Joe Garey, Sr., 4. Douglas Ashford.


XCEL 600 MODIFIEDS (15 laps): 1. Richie Hitzler, 2. Joe Plunkett

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