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Friday, June 7 - 270, 600 Micro Sprints plus 250 Micro Sprints,  racing at 8pm
Sunday, June 16 - Poker Series #1 - 270  & 600 Micro Sprints & Slingshots & Xcel 600 Modifieds, racing at 6:30pm
Saturday, June 22 - Pack the House Night - 602 Crate Sportsman, MASS 305 Sprints, Outlaw Stocks, Rookies, 270 & 600 Micro Sprints, & Slingshots  racing at 6pm
Friday, June 28 - Twin 15s for 270 Micro Sprints, 600 Micros plus Slingshots, racing at 8pm


Hard to believe but it took until the last day of May for the first Friday night of racing to take place on the Spirit Speedway quarter mile!

The Twin 15 lap feature events for the Ace Overhead Door Company 600 Micro Sprints produced plenty of wheel to wheel racing and two new feature winners for the 2019 season.  

PJ Williams picked  up the win in the first event - his first ever Friday night feature win.  Williams won twice last season but both wins came during special Saturday night quarter mile events.  

It took several attempts to get lap one on the books but it was Williams all the way as he led every lap in the flag to flag victory.  He had plenty of company - Tyler Lindsay during the first laps and then Luke Thomas, Mike Rutherford and Gary Bozowski battled behind the leader for second.  Williams led the way to the checkered flag followed by Luke Thomas, 2018 Champion, Mike Rutherford, Gary Bozowski and Tyler Lindsay.  Jermain Godshall, Matt Smith, Jon Keller, Andrew Hannula and Colin Bustard completed the top ten at the finish.

Feature winner, Williams, drew the pill for the invert.  The top twelve in the first feature would be inverted in the line-up for the second fifteen lap main event.

The second fifteen lap feature saw three different leaders in as many laps.  Polesitter, Nick Sapp led the first lap and then raced side by side with Brandon Pavel as they raced to complete lap two.  Andrew Hannula took the lead on lap three and then held off the challenges of Matt Smith, Mike Rutherford and Germain Godshall to capture his first feature win since returning to competition after a five year absence.

The big difference for Hannula on this night was the addition of his wife and children in Victory Lane.  It may have been their first trip to the Winner's Circle but Rilynn and Cale knew exactly what to do!  Hannula returned to action late last season after a five year absence.  Hannula had previously raced Micro Sprints as well as ARDC Midgets.

Hannula led the way to the finish over Mike Rutherford, Matt Smith, Jermain Godshall and Colin Bustard.  Whitey Kidd, Luke Thomas, Gary Bozowski, Kyle Spence and Tyler Lindsay finished in sixth through tenth in the second fifteen lap event.

Ken Andreas led the first six laps of the JS Weld-Rite/Mongoose Chassis 270 Micro Sprint feature event.  2018 co-champion, Alex Swift was making his way to the front and challenged Andreas for the lead.  Swift took the lead on lap seven, just before Swift slowed with mechanical issues.

Jason Swavely and Luke Fogg battled for second behind Swift and kept pressure on the leader but at the end of twenty laps, the win went to Swift over Swavely, Fogg, Johnny Trendler and Mike Rutherford.  Brandon Shipley finished sixth followed by Billy Gray, Steve Coslop, Decker Morrow and John Wagner, Jr.

Mike Rutherford raced in three different features and finished in the top five in all three events.

After missing his heat race due to mechanical issues, Ryan Davey rebounded.  He started at the rear of the feature line-up and raced his way to the front.  Jason Kraycirik led the first twelve laps but a caution on lap twelve, put Davey along side of the leader.   Davey raced to the outside to claim the lead as the field raced out of turn two.

The win was Davey's first win anywhere.  Kraycirik finished second, followed by Dan Biggs, Joseph Hansen and the 2018 Slingshot champion, Dave McCullough.

Action returns to the Spirit Speedway next Friday night feature 270 & 600 Micro Sprints plus 250 Micro Sprints with racing at 8pm.

Ace Overhead Door Company 600 Micro Sprints - 1st 15 lap feature - 1. PJ Williams, 2. Luke Thomas, 3. Mike Rutherford, 4. Gary Bozowski, 5. Tyler Lindsay, 6. Jermain Godshall, 7. Matt Smith, 8. Jon Keller, 9. Andrew Hannula, 10. Colin Bustard, 11. Brandon Pavel, 12. Nick Sapp,13. Whitey Kidd, III, 14. Travis Hill, 15. Jim Tippin, 16. Ed Barber III, 17, Lee Nardelli, 18, Mark Landwher, 19. Aiden Borden, 20. Bobby Butler, 21. Sam LaMothe, 22. Alex Funari, 23. Nick Havens, 24. Kyle Spence

Ace Overhead Door Company 600 Micro Sprints - 2nd 15 lap feature - 1. Andrew Hannula, 2. Mike Rutherford, 3. Matt Smith, 4. Jermain Godshall, 5. Colin Bustard, 6. Whitey Kidd, III, 7. Luke Thomas, 8. Gary Bozowski, 9. Kyle Spence, 10. Tyler Lindsay, 11. Jon Keller, 12. Bobby Butler, 13. PJ Williams, 14. Mark Landwher, 15. Lee Nardelli, 16. Aiden Borden, 17. Jim Tippin, 18. Alex Funari, 19. Nick Havens, 20. Ed Barber. III, 21. Nick Sapp, 22. Sam LaMothe, 23. Brandon Pavel, 24. Travis Hill

JS Weld-Rite/Mongoose Chassis 270 Micro Sprint Feature - 20 laps - 1. Alex Swift, 2. Jason Swavely, 3. Luke Fogg, 4. Johnny Trendler, 5. Mike Rutherford, 6. Brandon Shipley, 7. Billy Gray, 8. Steve Coslop, 9. Decker Morrow, 10. John Wagner, Jr. 11. Tom Landwher, 12. John West, 13. Barry Pollard, 14. Shea Wills, 15. Zach Berghof, 16. Tyler Grau, 17. RJ Witcraft, 18. JR Ramer, 19. Sean Huesser, 20. Jason Nardelli, 21. Ken Andreas, 22. Kyle Weiss, 23. Jonathan John, 24. Ross Holler, 25. Corey Anderson

Slingshot Feature event ( 20 laps) - 1. Ryan Davey, 2. Jason Kraycirik, 3. Dan Biggs, 4. Joseph Hansen, 5. Dave McCullough, 6. Dave Morrell, 7. Thomas Mowery, 8. Ashley Therien, 9. Shawn Mowery, 10. Rich Afflerback

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