Date: 7/1/2019 10:55:10 PM


​"This place is always tough on me," Kyle Spence stated after winning the first hand of the Spirit Speedway Poker Series on Sunday in the Ace Overhead Door Company 600 Micro Sprints. On this day, Spence was the class of the field in the Jason Brown owned No. 59. Spence started third and had taken the lead from Kyle Lick before ten laps were completed.

Tommy Kunsman trailed Spence in second with Lick in third until lap thirteen when Jay Hartman passed Lick to take over third. Hartman pressured Kunsman for second as Spence began racing through lapped traffic. Hartman won the battle for second but ran out of time and race to see if he had anything for Spence.

Spence raced to the checkered flag and the $1,000 payday along with an Ace for the win in the first hand of the Poker Series. Hartman finished second followed by Kunsman, Lick and Chris Fenimore. Steve Bracall finished sixth followed by Wayne Scott, Nick Walton behind the wheel of Greg Stevens No. 20, Kenny Miller and Brandon Pavel.

Special awards were given to Kunsman for fastest lap in the 600 heats, Fenimore for the fastest lap in the feature and Spence for leading at half way. Pavel was the hard charger and won a tire for his efforts. Special awards were courtesy of Norm Dopke.

Mike Rutherford took home the win in the twenty-five lap JS Weld-Rite/Mongoose Chassis 270 Micro Sprint feature after Jacob Hendershot broke while leading just before the half way mark. Rutherford had raced by Kyle Weiss to take over second, putting himself into position to challenge for the lead.

Rutherford raced ahead of Jason Swavely who raced his way to second after starting twentieth on the starting grid. Alex Swift raced to a third place finish after starting last in the twenty-three car field. Ken Andreas finished fourth with Lee Reinhardt crossing the line in fifth. Chris Locuson finished sixth followed by Shea Wills, Tyler Grau, Brandon Shipley and John West.

The win was Rutherford's third Spirit victory and worth an Ace to start the 2019 Poker Series.

Special awards were won by Rutherford for leading at half way and Swavely for the fastest lap in the feature.

Jarad Silfee's day did not start well but it did end on a better note.

Silfee and his S&S Speedway mount were headed to Bridgeport when they were involved in a highway accident - through no fault of their own. While the S&S trailer never made it to the track, Silfee picked up the ride in the John Gilroy owned No. 20. Gilroy just happened to be several minutes behind the accident.

Amanda Angstadt led he first lap of the Championship Energy/Action Track USA Slingshot feature event before Silfee raced into the lead on the second circuit. Silfee went on to capture the win and the first Ace for the 2019 Poker Series. Angstadt had her best Spirit finish in second as did Tyler Hoch who finished third. Brett Bieber finished fourth with the 2018 track champion, Dave McCullough in fifth.

Korey Inglin was the feature winner in the Xcel 600 Modiifeds over Matthew Warner, Kevin VanValkenburg, Sam Sciccitano and Travis Fichter.

Spirit Speedway - Poker Series Hand #1 - Sunday, June 30, 2019

Ace Overhead Door Company 600 Micro Sprint Feature (25 laps)
Kyle Spence, 2. Jay Hartman, 3, Tommy Kunsman, 4. Kyle Lick, 5. Chris Fenimore, 6. Steve Bracall, 7. Wayne Scott, 8. Nick Walton, 9. Kenny Miller, 10. Brandon Pavel, 11. Mike Rutherford, 12. Mike Thompson, 13. Pat Bealer, 14. Jon Keller, 15. Tyler Lindsay, 16. Geordan Marrero, 17. Cody West, 18. Ed Barber III, 19. Mark Landwher, 20. Nate Smith, 21. Jermain Godshall, 22. Nick Havens, 23. Matt Smith, 24. PJ Williams, 25. Billy Calvert, 26. Nathan Smith, 27. Jim Tippin
JS Weld-Rite/Mongoose Chassis 270 Micro Sprint Feature (25 laps)
Mike Rutherford, 2. Jason Swavely, 3. Alex Swift, 4. Ken Andreas, 5. Lee Reinhardt, 6. Chris Locuson, 7. Shea Wills, 8. Tyler Grau, 9. Brandon Shipley, 10. John West, 11. Jayson Conover, 12. Junior Ramer, 13. Jason Nardelli, 14. RJ Witcraft, 15. Emily Witter, 16. John Wagner, Jr., 17. Glenn Macomber, 18. Bobby Butler, 19, Connor Sheffield, 20. Kyle Weiss, 21., Nick Walton, 22. Jacob Hendershot, 23. Tom Landwher
Champion Energy/Action Track USA Slingshot Feature (20 laps)
Jared Silfee, 2. Amanda Angstadt, 3. Tyler Hoch, 4. Brett Bieber, 5. Brett Bieber, 6. Dave Morrell, 7. Ashley Therien, 8. Jerry Stark, 9. Joseph Hansen, 10. Charlie Palmucci, 11. Ryan Davey, 12. Tomas Mowery
Xcel 600 Modified Feature (20 laps)
Kory Inglin, 2. Matthew Warner, 3. Kevin VanValkenburg, 4. Sam Sciccitano, 5. Travis Fichter, 6. Hunter Diehl, 7. Grant Schibilla, 8. Geoffrey Sutton, 9. Shawna Schibilla, 10. Jermain Godshall, 11. Keith Inglin, 12. Ray Bradwell

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