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There were two new winners and two repeat winners as Friday night action returned to the Spirit Speedway quarter mile.


For seventeen year old, Tyler Lindsay, it was the first win of his young career in the Ace Overhead Door Company 600 Micro Sprint feature event.  Lindsay drew the pole and then held off the likes of two of Delaware's finest - Matt Smith and Luke Thomas - to capture the win after leading all twenty laps from the green to the checkered.  


Lindsay drove a flawless race to stay several car lengths ahead of Smith and Thomas in spite of several restarts that realigned the field and gave both drivers a shot at the lead.  Friday night's action was dominated by young drivers as young Christian Bruno and team mate, Buddy Schweibinz raced to fourth and fifth place finishes respectively after starting tenth and eleventh on the grid.  


The race was marred by an eleven car tangle on lap three.  Colin Bustard's No. 20c got upside down in the melee but all drivers escaped injury and most, with the exception of Bustard, were able to restart at the rear of the field.  


Trailing Lindsay, Smith, Thomas, Bruno and Schweibinz to the checkered flag were 2018 Champion, Mike Rutherford, Jon Keller, Steven Snyder, two time feature winner, PJ Williams and Richie Keller.


Alex Swift represented the other side of the coin as he raced to his fifth victory of the season in the JS Weld-Rite/Mongoose Chassis 270 Micro Sprint feature win.


Mike Rutherford led the field to the start and grabbed the lead at the wave of the green.  By lap five, Swift raced in the top three, challenging Brandon Shipley for the runner-up spot.  Swift took over second on lap six and then chased Rutherford for the next ten laps.  Rutherford took the five to go sign but Swift raced to the inside of Rutherford one lap later to take the lead.


Swift grabbed his fifth checkered of the season over Rutherford, Lee Reinhardt, Brandon Shipley and Kyle Weiss.  Luke Fogg, Steve Coslop, Barry Pollard, Sean Huesser and Jason Nardelli completed the top ten in the running order at the end of twenty laps.  


Young Ryan Davey raced to his fourth Spirit Slingshot victory after a torrid battle with another young driver, Jason Kraycirik.  Kraycirik jumped into the lead from his third place start and held off the challenges of Davey through the halfway mark.  Davey looked inside and outside but it wasn't until a lap eleven restart that Davey was able to roll the outside and take the lead.


Davey led Kraycirik to the stripe followed by 2018 Slingshot Champion, Dave McCullough, Ryan Harris and Dave Morrell. 


The 250 Micro Sprints made a second appearance at Spirit Speedway with Billy Gray, a regular Friday night competitor in the 270 ranks, racing to his first ever Spirit Speedway win.  Gray raced into the lead at the start and set a torrid pace to take the win over Johnny Trendler and Deana Cogdill.


Racing will return to Spirit Speedway this Friday night for an additional show of 270 & 600 Micro Sprints, Slingshots and Mini Late Models starting at 8pm.



FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2019




1. Tyler Lindsay, 2. Matt Smith, 3. Luke Thomas, 4. Christian Bruno, 5. Buddy Schwiebinz, 6. Mike Rutherford, 7. Jon Keller, 8. Steven Snyder, 9. P.J. Williams, 10. Richie Keller, 11. Aiden Borden, 12. Joe Dopke, 13. Gary Bozowski, 14. Brandon Pavel, 15. Steve Bracall, 16. Jermain Godshall, 17. Dean Seamans, 18. Dave Damaio, 19. Ed Barber III, 20. Troy Pennington, 21. Travis Hill, 22. Colin Bustard, 23. Corey Andersen, 24. Nick Sapp, DNQ Alex Funari, Lavar Scott, Cole Neibret, Zach Burgess, Matt McDaniel, Andrianna Dellaponti, Mark Landwher, Dave Nelson, Jim Tippin


J-S WELDRITE/MONGOOSE CHASSIS 270CC MICRO SPRINT FEATURE (20 laps)  1. Alex Swift, 2. Mike Rutherford, 3. Lee Reinhardt, 4. Brandon Shipley, 5. Kyle Weiss, 6. Luke Fogg, 7. Steve Coslop, 8. Barry Pollard, 9. Sean Huesser, 10. Jason Nardelli, 11. John Wagner, Jr., 12. Jonathan John, 13. Mark Landwher, 14. Tom Landwher, 15. Jon West, 16. Ross Holler, 17. Jonathan Dougherty, 18. R.J. Witcraft, 19. Shea Wills, 20. Junior Ramer, DNS Sarah Napora



1. Billy Gray, 2. Johnny Trendler, 3. Deana Cogdill, 4. Rich Bryon, 5. Jonathan John, 6. Maddie Savaren


SLINGSHOTS (20 laps)

1. Ryan Davey, 2. Jason Kraycirik, 3. Dave McCullough, 4. Ryan Harris, 5. Dave Morrell, 6. Dave Woolston, 7. Tomas Mowery


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